Roof Cleaning tips and methods

Rejuvenate your mossy roof

Is your roof looking older than it is and tired? Before you consider replacing it, have you thought about having it cleaned? Roof cleaning is significantly cheaper than having a new roof installed and can have the same effect; it can bring your roof back to life and make it look new. 

As we head towards the end of winter and approach spring, now is the perfect time to start thinking about having your roof cleaned. Keeping your roof clean can make your house or commercial property look more appealing, but there are many more benefits than having an aesthetically appealing roof. 

The top 4 benefits of keeping your roof clean:

1. Save money on maintenance and repairs 

Keeping your roof clean can prevent lots of problems that could potentially shorten the lifespan of your roof. The cost of having your roof cleaned is usually a lot less than the cost of repairs, or even worse; a new roof! 

2. Protect the structure of your house

Your roof is the first layer of protection from the elements. A leaking roof can cause a variety of damage to the inside of your property and if left unchecked the cost of repairs can quickly add up. 

3. Increase the value of your property

A clean roof improves the appearance of your property. If you’re considering putting your property on the market, having an immaculate roof will not only attract more buyers, it can also increase the value of your property. 

4. Reduce blockages to gutters and drains

Moss is the main cause of blocked downpipes and gutters. Keeping your roof clean and regularly removing moss will prevent blockages and ensure rain water is drained away effectively. 

There are many methods for cleaning a roof, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The 3 most common methods of roof cleaning are:

Roof pressure washing

This is the cheapest and most common method of roof cleaning and there are many companies that offer this service, however, it is also the method that is most likely to cause damage to your roof. The risks associated with this method are water leaking into your property and damaging roof tiles. Most of the time, damage is caused from inexperienced companies or individuals which is why it is essential to choose a competent contractor to carry out this method of roof cleaning. 

Manual soft washing/hypo cleaning

After manually removing moss from roofs, a solution is applied to the roof to chemically clean the tiles. The biggest risk with this method is the lack of control over airborne hypochlorite particles and where they land. If you choose this method, it is essential that the contractor you choose is not only aware of the risks, but also has experience mitigating the risks associated with using chemicals to clean roofs and has the knowledge to control the spread of the chemical. 

Roof steam cleaning 

This is one of the least popular methods of roof cleaning which very few companies offer. This type of roof cleaning is carried out using very low pressure and a high temperature; usually at about 140 degrees. Although steam cleaning is carried out using low pressure, there is still potential for water leaking through the roof. 

When choosing a contractor to carry out a roof cleaning project, make sure they have public liability insurance, experience and adequate access equipment. 

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